The following To-Do List will help make sure your child has an amazing time at YMCA Camp Wiyaka!


  • Complete and submit Camper Registration Form
    • Send in a minimum $100 deposit with the Registration
    • Transportation Authorization – For the safety of your child camp will only release your child to those listed on the Registration as Guardians or Emergency Contacts. If you need to arrange for someone else to pick up your child, Camp will need written permission from the Primary Guardian of the child.
  • Schedule appointment with Primary Physician
  • Complete and submit the following forms – all due 2 weeks prior to campers arrival
    • Camper Medical Form
    • Physician Exam Form
    • Submit a copy (front and back) of camper’s insurance card
  • Pay camp balance – due prior to campers arrival Payments can be made by Cash at the Athol Area YMCA, Visa or Mastercard Credit Card, or Check payable to YMCA Camp Wiyaka
  • Pack – See our packing list for recommended items to have at camp
    • Be sure that this is not a task held off until the last minute so you can guarantee that you have everything that you need
    • It is encouraged for parents and campers to pack together
      • If this is not possible and the parent does the packing, be sure to take time with the camper to go over what has been packed and where it can be found.
      • If the camper packs his/her own bag, please have the camper show what has been packed to ensure everything they need is there, and that nothing is packed that shouldn’t be coming to camp.
      • Labeling your child’s clothing is highly recommended. Also if you chose to purchase labels from the following vendor, Camp Wiyaka will receive a commission to put towards program supplies. In addition, any item found with a name on it will be returned to the family in September.
  • (For Parents) Communicate with your child about camp
    • Innocently, adults may make promises to alleviate camper’s worries and fears that can’t be fulfilled. Unfortunately this may lead to you making promises you simply won’t be able to keep. Examples include:
      • Telling your child that you will talk on the phone.
        • Campers are not allowed to make or receive phone calls while at Camp Wiyaka. A great alternative is writing letters.
        • Send your mail early and be sure to pack stationary (pre-addressed and pre-stamped for younger campers) and stamps so that your camper can respond. Letters and care packages should be addressed as:
          • Camper Name, C/O Camp Wiyaka, 100 Sandy Pond Rd., Richmond, NH 03470
        • E-mails may also be sent to the following e-mail address E-mails will be printed and distributed with the rest of the mail.
        • Mail is always distributed at the breakfast the follows it’s arrival. This is the best timing to combat mail induced homesickness.
      • Ensuring that your child will know everyone in the tent.
        • One of the best parts about camp is making new friends. Though your camper may know other children going to Camp Wiyaka, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be in a tent together.
        • The registration does ask for you to specify a tentmate request, which we can typically accommodate. However, if you put down multiple names for your tent, we can only guarantee one request.
      • Reassuring the camper that there are no bugs and that it won’t rain
        • Camp wouldn’t be camp without the things that share our world. As we are an outdoor camp, the existence of bugs is unavoidable.
        • A camp week would be ideal for everyone if the rain stayed away, or if it only rained at night so all could be soothed to sleep by the pitter patter of rain drops on the tent. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Make sure you pack for rain, as our mentality is that when it rains, we shall play in the mud, instead of the dirt. All activities only shift to indoors if their is lightning present or if the outdoor temperature becomes a factor.
      • Telling your camper that you will pick them up if they don’t like camp
        • Our years of camp experience have taught us that campers may need a day or two to adjust and with the option of being picked up in the back of a campers head, a solid effort to stay at camp and take part in the fun is often depleted.
        • Of course, campers are allowed to leave, but please remember that if you do make this agreement with your child, there will be no refund if the camper leaves early.
          • If your camper’s readiness is a concern we suggest that you try our Mini-camp at the start of the season to test out camp life.

First Time at Camp Wiyaka

In addition to the tasks above, parents and campers may also want to:

  • Learn about Camp Wiyaka
    • Talk with a family that has been to Camp Wiyaka before
    • Explore the Camp Wiyaka website
      • See what some of the activities are offered and what a camp day looks like
    • Check out, and “Like”, the YMCA Camp Wiyaka facebook page
      • View the photos
      • See what people are talking about
      • Get updates about what’s going on at Wiyaka
    • Call (978 249 3305) or Email ( to reach Joe, the Camp Director to ask questions
  • Set some goals and expectations
    • Talk about the things that may occur at camp. Though you can’t predict everything, it could be a comfort to both parent and camper to have an idea of what will happen.
    • What are some things that you (the camper) would like to come home from camp having accomplished?
    • Make a new friend? Learn a new game or skill? Become a stronger swimmer? What else?
  • Practice being away from home
    • The first night at Camp Wiyaka should not be the first night that the camper has spent away from home. Spending a night at Grandma and Grandpas or a family friend’s house is a good way to experience being away from home.

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