The only thing separating the campers from the sky outdoors are the tent flaps which can be folded up to allow for fresh air.

What’s it like to live in a tent? Why would I want to? Well here are some of the benefits to tent life at Camp Wiyaka!

You’ll Acquire Lifelong Skills and Build and Strengthen Friendships

Why would you come to an overnight camp instead of a day camp?  There are plenty of places to learn archery or go for a swim afterall.  There is one thing that overnight camp gives you that no where else does, and that is your tent.  Your tent is a not just the place where you sleep.  Your tent is you, 3-6 other campers, and 1-2 counselors.  Your tent as a group is what makes your experience.  At overnight camp you will exist for a week, without your parents, sharing a space with those 7 other people.  You get the opportunity to forge a community with your peers, with the guidance of a 17-25 year old counselor whom is an example of a successful young man or woman.  You get the opportunity to practice life on your own, but not alone, you are with 7 other people embarking on a new adventure together.  You won’t always get along, people your age rarely do, but as long as everyone makes an effort to respect each other, you can’t help but have an exciting time.  This situation of living in a tent together, having fun together, being bored together, and coming up with ways not to be bored together is how true, meaningful, long-lasting friendships are made.  If you give it a true good effort try, you won’t be disappointed.


Typical Daily Schedule

7:00 am Wake Up
7:15 am Morning Fitness
7:55 am Flag Raising
8:05 am Breakfast
9:00 am Elective 1
10:30 am Elective 2
12:00pm Lunch
1:00 pm Tent Time
2:00 pm Free Choice
3:30 pm Canteen
4:00 pm Progressive Skill
5:30 pm Tent Time
5:45 pm Flag Lowering
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm All Camp Activity
8:00 pm Campfire
8:45 pm Tent Time
9:15 pm Taps
Age Dependent Bedtime

Morning Fitness

Examples of Morning Fitness include:

  • Nature Hike
  • Polar Bear Swim
  • Casual Sports
  • Morning Jog



  • Campers will be signing up for activities that will occur the following day
  • Afternoon snack time


Tent Time

  • Spend some time with your bunkmates doing a special activity led by your counselor.


Tent of the Week

  • Every week we host a tent of the week competition, with the winning tent receiving a plague that will be hung from the dining hall rafters.  There are many ways to earn tent points.  Some concrete and easy to see, like participating in swim the lake, polar bear swim, mud hike, getting a bulls-eye in archery or having the cleanest tent during tent inspections.  However, most of the points are awarded to the tents and tentmates who show the most unity during activities, and to campers who staff notice doing great things for other campers.  Campers who show the core values of Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, and most importantly Caring for their fellow campers whether they be a tent mate or a younger camper.  This is the most prestigious award we give every week, and campers and alumni always love coming back to camp to see their plague still up there on the dining hall rafters.