Serving a maximum of 72 campers per week we have the unique opportunity to create a small community atmosphere, a place where both campers and staff can really get to know everyone.

Current Events and Camp Wiyaka Enrollment

The thoughts and prayers of the YMCA Camp Wiyaka community goes out to those affected throughout the world by the current events surrounding COVID-19. On May 18th, the YMCA of the USA and the American Camp Association released National Guidelines for overnight Camp. Those guidelines were produced by a Private Health Engineering Firm based in Newton, MA, with input from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatricians, and the American Camp Nurses’s Association. On our Camp Forms page is both a link to the original 85 page guidelines, and links to Camp Wiyaka’s 15 page summary of the Guidelines and how we intend to meet those guidelines, as well as a document that contains three parental agreements that we need parents to commit to complying with in order for campers to safely attend camp. We remain committed to providing a camp program this summer to support the social, emotional, and physical well-being and development of our campers in this extremely challenging time. We encourage all families to thoroughly read through our policy changes so that you can make an informed decision on whether camp in 2020 is the right decision for your family. Availability by week has been updated on 22 May 2020 based on our new 40 child capacity.

Last Updated 22 May 2020

2020 Session Rates

($40 discount if registered and deposit is paid before November 25th (Thanksgiving Weekend), $25 discount if registering for multiple weeks.)

  • YMCA Members: $440
  • Non-Members: $470

2020 Session Dates Last Updated June 24th

All sessions run Sunday afternoon to Friday night. Campers age 7 – 15. Themes in Parenthesis.

Boys Week: June 28th – July 3rd (Ninja Warrior) Sold Out. Wait list in effect.
Co-ed 1: July 5th – July 10th (Survivor) Sold Out. Wait list in effect.
Co-ed 2: July 12th – July 17th (Movie Genres) Sold Out. Wait list in effect.
Co-ed 3: July 19th – July 24th (Holidays) Sold Out. Wait list in effect.
Girls Week: July 26th – July 31st (Fairy Tales) Sold Out. Wait list in effect.
Co-ed 4: August 2nd – August 7th (Jumanji) Sold Out. Wait list in effect.
Co-ed 5: August 9th – August 14th (Decades) Sold Out. Wait list in effect.
Co-ed 6: August 16th – August 21st (Tbd) 15 Spaces Available. 

2020 LIT Rates

($60 discount if registered before November 26)

YMCA Members: $895
Non-Members: $945

2020 LIT Session Dates

The LIT program runs for two weeks and is a leadership program open to campers age 14-15. These campers are expected to be of a maturity level that will set an example for the rest of camp. This program is a bridge between camper and staff. LIT’s will be given certain appropriate levels of responsibility, but will also get access to some fun programs and trips reserved for the LIT’s. Peer conflict, bullying, or lack of maturity will lead to dismissal from this program. After registering, Camp Director Joe Chung will contact your family for a meeting. Joe will meet with your LIT to set expectations. This is not an interview to accept or deny your camper. Due to high demand, Camp Wiyaka reserves the right to selectively accept LIT candidates whom are 15 and in their last year of eligibility over 14 year old candidates.

LIT 1: July 12th-July 24th No Spaces Available

LIT 2: August 2nd-Aug 14th No Spaces Available

2020 Mini-Camp Rates

Mini-Camp is a half week sample program that runs for the first three days of any session. Mini-campers will be given the option of staying the entire week, if things go well. Second half of the week will cost the same as first half of the week. If mini-camper chooses to go home, they will be picked up on Tuesday evening. Camp Director Joe will contact you shortly after registering to further see if mini camp is the right situation for your family.

($40 discount if registered before November 25th.)

YMCA Members $205
Non-Members $230

Refer to Availability Table Above for Space