Check in takes place on Sunday from 1pm – 3pm.

Check out takes place Friday night from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Parents and guardians are invited to come to closing campfire which starts at 6:00 PM.

All campers must be picked up Friday night. We can only release a camper to their guardian or someone listed as an emergency contact. Photo ID is required.

Please respect the time frames of our check-in and check-out. If you are unable to arrive during these times, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Check In Process

Please be aware the check in process can takes about an hour. Make sure you have taken this into account when planning your day. Ensuring that you have done all of the necessary steps prior to arrival (paid balance, all forms turned in, etc.) will help the process go smoothly for all campers and families. If it is your first time at Camp Wiyaka and you feel you might have a lot of questions at check in, it is highly recommended that you arrive at 1:30 or later, as the beginning of check in can be very excited and the remaining time is a more relaxed energy level.

  • Gates open at 12:45. If arriving earlier please wait with your vehicles on Sandy Pond Road.
  • Staff will direct parking.
  • Please leave all camp gear in the vehicles until you complete the check-in process.
  • For the safety of campers and their families no vehicles will be allowed into the tent areas.
  • Enter the dining hall, where you will meet Joe the Camp Director, Receive your Shirt, Find out your tent assignment, and get a welcome cookie.
  • Visit the nurse, even if your camper has no medications. This takes about 10 minutes per camper, thank you for your patience.
  • Head lice check.
  • Hand in medications.
  • Move into your tent and meet your counselor after finishing your time with the nurse.
  • Parents, bring your camper to the waterfront to take a swim test – It is helpful to arrive dressed for the swim test.
  • Return to your tent and hug, kiss and say “see you on Friday.”
  • Parents you are welcome to stay until 3pm if you would like. At 3:15ish, the camp session will begin and we ask for everyone to have left by that point, so please enjoy your kid vacation.

Check Out Process

  • Checkout takes place on Friday nights from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. All campers must be picked up on Friday*. If your camper is staying multiple weeks see note below.
  • The closing campfire begins at 6:00 PM and dinner is served to all at 7:00 PM
  • A camper will only be released to Guardians or emergency contacts. Photo IDs are required. Please be sure that the individual picking up the camper is listed as an approved name. If an unexpected name needs to be added to the approved pick up list, please contact Joe at
  • Once a camper is signed out the parent, guardian or adult takes full responsibility for the camper.
  • Please make sure you are leaving with all the items your camper brought to camp.

For a more detailed account of the Drop off and Pick up process you can review the following document. Camp Wiyaka’s Camper Drop off and Pick up Policy

*If your camper is staying for multiple consecutive weeks, then you may opt to have your camper stay for the changeover weekend, Friday night to Sunday morning. This is primarily utilized by our international campers or our campers from greater than an hour’s drive, though we occasionally have our more local kids stay as well. The weekend will cost an additional $50 with no financial aid available. We have had anywhere from 2-15 campers on a changeover weekend, so we generally don’t plan anything and cater the activities to the specific campers who stay. Sometimes there are offsite trips, but there are no promises, as the van is often taken for airport runs on Saturdays. If your camper is only staying 2 weeks in a row, please pack enough clothes for two weeks, as we will not include them in our laundry plans. If your camper is staying 3 or more weeks in a row, please send them with a mesh laundry bag, and $5-10 so that one of our staff members will wash their laundry when they are washing their own at the laundromat.