YMCA Camp Wiyaka was established in 1921 by “Johnnie” Johnstone.

It was created to provide a place where boys could live close to nature, play vigorously, become skillful in sports, strengthen muscles through hiking and climbing, breathe the pure mountain air, enjoy the warmth of summer sunshine, eat plentiful of wholesome food, and sleep long hours.

This was to be a place where boys could form firm friendships, store happy memories, and gain high ideals for their own lives.   This was a camp where good habits were to be lived and expressed, and young lives were molded physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. There have been few changes at Camp Wiyaka in over 90 years.  While camp now enthusiastically embraces the attendance of girls and improvements have been made to the bathroom/shower facilities, the heart, values, and spirit of Wiyaka are consistent from the day when the first group of campers was welcomed.   If you have been to Camp Wiyaka, you know the thrill and enchantment that comes from spending time in Sandy Pond, sleeping in platform tents, and singing enthusiastically around a fire.   If you haven’t joined us yet, come see what the excitement is all about. Camp Wiyaka is waiting – it’s there for you to visit once again or join our program for the first time.