Camp Wiyaka is located in Richmond, New Hampshire and is operated by the Athol Area YMCA.

It is a traditional summer camp positioned on the shores of Sandy Pond. Campers stay in platform tents on canvas bunks with other children their own age as well as a responsible counselor. The only thing separating the campers from the sky outdoors are the tent flaps which can be folded up to allow for fresh air. Campers have the opportunity to take part in activities such as boating, swimming, arts and crafts, sports, archery, and environmental education. The day is a mixture of time spent in large groups, and in small groups, in an environment that allows children to develop as individuals.

The Goals and Objectives of Camp Wiyaka

To stimulate the development of each camper’s self-esteem and provide opportunities for personal growth.
  • Each camper will choose at least three of their own activities per day.
  • Staff will provide campers with positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout their time at camp.
  • Each camper will be responsible for the care, location, and state of their personal items (clothing, bedding, toiletries, items made at camp).
To help each camper develop an appreciation and respect for their natural surroundings.
  • At the beginning of each week, staff will discuss with campers the importance of taking care of their natural surroundings and how to do so, such as picking up litter, staying on trails, conserving water, using the bathhouse for bathroom needs, and respecting property.
  • Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in a nature walk daily.
To allow each camper to experience group living.
  • Campers will participate in meals served family style.
  • Campers will live in platform tents with other campers and staff. Each tent will be responsible for working as a group to keep their area clean, set their table and steward meals, and follow general camp procedures.
  • Each camper will participate in at least one activity daily with their tent mates.
  • Each camper will participate in at least one all-camp activity daily.
  • Campers will attend and participate in nightly campfires.